The GCP Foundation is taking their first group of volunteers to go to Ghana in April this year. This group will visit several off- grid villages and try to help the local community as much as possible. After ten days of work there will also be time to get to know the country a little better, by visiting one of the great national parks of Ghana. If you are interested in supporting GCP, Ghana, and especially its people, this might interest you. Think of the trip as a combined ‘work and play’ holiday in which you also get an opportunity: to get in touch with the people and the land of Ghana.   


Between April 10th and  25th, 2018 

Another trip is scheduled to take place in August 2018.


Ghana.  Known for its beautiful people and nature, relative security and development. However, there is still much (energy) poverty in Ghana, especially in rural off- grid areas in the North. Many places where good- intentioned small- scale help can really make a difference.


Energy poverty is a problem that affects almost all aspects of life. It means a limited time to work and study, but also health risks in the form of kerosene lanterns often used in the off- grid areas. By helping people to make the switch to a reliable and sustainable form of energy the life standard improves drastically. You, as a volunteer, will be the one executing this task. 

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