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Johnny works with the NGO Rural Community Support Organization (RUCOSUO), formerly IRUSUT, throughout the Simanjiro District of Tanzania providing solar for rural health clinics, schools, entrepreneurs, and community projects.

Johnny with Lukas Kariongi – Managing Director RUCOSUO (Maasai Community NGO)


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Rural Community Support Organization (RUCOSUO)

Lukas with Village Elders

The Rural Community Support Organization (RUCOSUO) is a local indigenous community NGO supporting villages in Maasailand, Tanzania. Lukas Kariongi is the Founder and Managing Director. Lukas lives and works in the Maasai villages of Terat and Orkesumet. RUCOSUO’s mission is to improve the economic development of the Maasai community by disseminating information and offering practical vocational training to promote community-based sustainable development.

We Care Solar Training

Johnny with a midwife at a remote rural birthing clinic on Lake Tanganyika as a solar trainer with We Care Solar.


Their goal is to ensure that mothers and newborns are born in skilled healthcare facilities that have adequate lighting and power to save lives.

Rural Community Support Organization (RUCOSUO)

Promoting the economic development of the Maasai  community by disseminating information and offering practical vocational training to promote community-based sustainable development.

We Share Solar empowers students to be global changemakers by combining solar energy and engineering education with real-world applicability.


Thank you to the people who are making the Maasai Village Solar Radio Project a reality!

  • Jessi Caching

  • Ed Marston

  • Vince Egan

  • Andra Kurlis

  • Duane Mattos

  • Jules Gallagher

  • Joan Matranga

  • Andra Kurlis

  • Shelby Sachs

  • Kevin Peterson

  • Aaron Hopkins

  • Paige and Shane Smith

  • Abbott Weiss

  • Michael Welch

  • Corey Shalanski
  • Krista Dudley

  • R.B Lehman

  • Dianne Schevene

  • Neville Williams

  • Irene

  • Patricia Morgan

  • Orion

  • William & Patricia Hofto

  • Shelby Sachs

  • Nathaniel Bates

  • GoSun Stove

  • Melinda Zytaruk

  • Nikola Milivojevic

  • Edwin Bifelt

  • Chad Medcroft

  • Ken Oatman

  • Roger Wililams

  • Jon Becker

  • Steven Carroll

  • Hatha Solar

  • Jay Canode

  • John Schaeffer

  • David Berger

  • Brian Mehalic

  • Liz Merry

  • Soozie Lindbloom

  • Kristin Krueger

  • Michael Krival

  • Jessica Ching

  • Louis Woofenden

  • Jane Weissman

  • Debora I Diggins

  • Joseph Villacci

  • Andrew

  • Justine Sanchez

  • Margaret Wrenn

  • Dave Bowden – Sustainable Media

  • Roger Williams

  • Kathy Swartz

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Johnny spent February of 2017 in the Village of Terat, Tanzania to work with NGO Managing Director and SEI alum Lukas Kariongi to help develop their community-based solar projects.