Solar Technology Professional

Thoughtful, team-oriented, experienced and eminently practical…

With 40+ years in designing, reviewing, and building solar, wind, and water power systems, I am now selectively choosing special projects. I am particularly interested in solar electricity-generating projects (photovoltaics/PV) that are sustainable, green, international, and socially worthwhile.
Having consulted and collaborated with teams and NGOs in more than 30 countries worldwide, and with Native American tribes, I bring supportive, environmental and ecological ethics and understanding to team efforts.
In addition to technical expertise, clients benefit from my comprehensive approach to problem solving. I engage and educate clients with the skills and knowledge needed to create and maintain successful, community-supported solar projects.

Consulting Services for Organizations

  • Renewable energy project management
  • Developing solar training centers
  • Training-of-trainers
  • Renewable energy curriculum design and review
  • Planning and design of hybrid renewable energy micro-grids
  • Solar advocacy and speaking engagements

Consulting Services for Individuals

  • Site evaluation for solar, wind and micro-hydro installations
  • Plan review for residential and commercial solar projects
  • Greenhouse design/build supervision
  • Evaluation of off-grid energy alternatives
  • End-user education

Hourly and daily rates offered.  I am selectively available for non-profit and volunteer work.







Latest Work

Good News! I’m returning to the Village of Terrat, Tanzania for a month in February to work with NGO Managing Director and SEI alum Lukas Kariongi in February to help develop his community-based solar projects. Here is some footage from a previous trip to East Africa:


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Philosophy and Vision

  • It is a very exciting and important time to be doing solar work.
  • Implementing practical renewable energy technology helps build a more sustainable world. Solar is a positive way forward in dealing with climate change, global security and a polluted environment.
  • Johnny knows the challenges and rewards of working “off-the-grid”.
  • In remote villages and rural reservation, solar projects dramatically improve the lives of poor people.
  • He loves advising decision-makers, training technicians, and providing end-user solar education. Johnny finds it useful and rewarding.