Vaccines and the global vaccination process is on everyone’s mind these days… and rightfully so. I first got involved with this issue working with the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) in the late 1980. Note: PAHO is a division of the World Health Organization (WHO).
Working with colloquies Steve McCarney and Ken Olson, we helped train PAHO refrigeration technicians from Latin America in the design and installation of Solar Powered Vaccine Refrigerators. Our experience inspired and encouraged us to work internationally and to create what became Solar Energy International (SEI) in 1991.
Today, the world of Solar Powered Vaccine Refrigeration technology and implementation has evolved dramatically. Many lessons have been learn and international best practices have been well established. Solar Powered units have made a significant contribution to worldwide health including helping to practically eradicate polio.
This video recording of a recent webinar focuses on the latest developments related to solar powered vaccine refrigerator systems that are currently being> installed throughout the developing world on remote health clinic ‘beyond the last mile’. The latest innovations in battery-less systems-Solar Direct-Drive Units and excess Energy Harvesting Systems are explained in detail.
Contributing to this work continues to be some of the most rewarding solar work that I have be privileged to participate in.

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