I urge everyone to support the recent Green New Deal resolution that was introduced in Congress by Rep. Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Markey to address climate change, jobs, and justice.
It’s become abundantly apparent that we can’t wait any longer to take bold action on climate change. From runaway wildfires, to killer storms, to stark government reports, the dire consequences of inaction around climate are clear. We have to act now.

It’s not enough to simply focus on carbon reductions — we must ensure that a Green New Deal includes:
  • A massive investment to move our country to 100% Clean and Renewable energy.
  • A just transition to a new clean energy economy, that reduces carbon emissions and includes jobs for displaced workers with a family-sustaining wage and the right to unionize, and benefits people of color and poor communities.
  • A thorough response to the historical and present-day experiences of low-income communities, communities of color, indigenous communities, rural communities and the front-line communities most affected by climate change, pollution, and other environmental harm.
  • Prioritization of resilience, relief, and recovery resources—such as access to healthcare, community investments, housing, and job training and placement—to the most vulnerable communities.
As legislation advances, everyone needs to be at the table. Those sectors and communities with the greatest stake need to be included in leadership: workers, unions, communities of color, rural communities, and frontline communities.
Green New Deal
Johnny standing up for 100% Renewable Energy by 2050 at COP 23 Climate Conference – Paris, Dec. ’15.

This Green New Deal resolution creates an opportunity for our country to address climate change, and to center racial and economic justice when doing so. If done right, this is an opportunity to create a future for all Americans that’s healthy, safe, and prosperous.


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