At this truly historic time, I presented at the International Solar Energy Society (ISES)- Solar World Congress #49…. Success Factors for the Development of Solar Training Centers. Copies of my PowerPoint presentation available upon request.

News from Santiago, Chile- Where there is revolution in the air and on the streets!
The street scene a few days before arrival following weeks of deadly government repression!
Muy tranquillo upon arrival with old friend, host and SEI former Instructor Juan Livingstone.
Joined by Pablo Hernandez, local PV entrepreneur and current SEI Spanish Program Instructor.
Flanked by dignitaries- left by Aussie Co-Instructor Geoff Stapleton, of Global Solar Energy Services… and right by Dave Renne, President of ISES and long-time NREL professional.
Professor Rodrigo Palma presenting an update regarding the South American Solar Perspective.
Enjoying a spectacular Santiago tourist site before another million justifiably angry protesters once again swarm the downtown.

I am looking really forward to participating in the 50th Solar World Congress next December in Melbourne, Australia. for more information.


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