Recently (~04/15/19), Carter asked Trump ….. “Since 1979, do you know how many times China has been at war with anybody? None…. and we have stayed at war,” he said.

Carter said the United States is “the most warlike nation in the history of the world”- due to our desire to impose American values on other countries, and he suggested that China is investing its resources into projects such as high-speed railroads instead of defense spending.

“We have wasted, I think, $3 trillion,” Carter said, referring to American military spending. “China has not wasted a single penny on war, and that’s why they’re ahead of us. In almost every way.

Jimmy Carter
Donald Trump

“And I think the difference is if you take $3 trillion and put it in American infrastructure, you’d probably have $2 trillion left over. We’d have high-speed railroad. We’d have bridges that aren’t collapsing. We’d have roads that are maintained properly. Our education system would be as good as that of, say, South Korea or Hong Kong.”

Much of Carter’s Palm Sunday lesson was focused on peace and kindness.


Note: Jimmy Carter is the nation’s longest-living president.


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