This is the ‘story’ of one of the very first solar PV workshops in Africa! (1994).
It was Lukas Kariongi’s first solar workshop! Today, (26 years later) Lukas is the Founder and Managing/Director of RUCOSUO, a
registered TZ NGO teaching solar in Maasailand. Lukas is an SEI alum and is featured throughout this website.
Our longtime friend Mark Hankins, current principal of African Solar Designs, is the author of the documents and was the 1994 workshop organizer. Today, Mark is a solar ‘thought leader’ and ASD is recognized throughout East Africa as leading solar company. Many thanks to Mark for saving and sharing these ‘historic‘ photos, the Home Power magazine article, and the personal letter that document this noteworthy pioneering solar event!
Asante sana Mark Hankins.
The Solar Seed
Rob Byrne with Lucas in Simanjiro. Rob Byrne was a solar volunteer in Saningo’s OIPSP. Photo by Frank Jackson.
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The Solar Seed
The KARADEA Solar Training Facility. Photo by Frank Jackson.
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