On his recent working visit to Maasailand Tanzania, SEI Co-Founder, and recently appointed SEI Board Member Johnny Weiss, visited with SEI alumni. Both Lukas as and Kisioki are village leaders and entrepreneurs working as NGO directors to solarize their Maasai remote off-grid communities. Both grass- roots village leaders credit SEI’a hands-on training with giving them the confidence and technical skills to teach and install solar home systems (SHS) with PV “best practices”.

Monduli Village mini-grid in Maasailand TZ
Monduli Village mini-grid in Maasailand TZ
Maasai boma
A ‘boma’ with a stove from Maasai Stove and Solar
SEI Alums
SEI alums & Maasai Master PV Trainers – Kisioki Moitiko ’15 (Left) and Lukas Kariongi ’97 (Right) share PV installation ‘best practices’ and fond SEI memories during recent visit with Johnny.

Kisioki Moitiko manages and directs Maasai Stove and Solar. Working since 2010, they have installed projects in 17 remote off-grid TZ villages. 

Note: It is their policy that families are required to buy a vented stove in order to qualify for getting a solar light. Outside funding assistance and financing help make the systems more affordable.


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