Greetings, Friends!

Today is a monumental day for the Maasai Village Solar Radio Station Project. We begin our crowdfunding goal of raising $25,000 to solar power a radio station in Maasailand in Tanzania, a project near and dear to my heart.

By teaming up with Maasai community leader Lukas Kariongi, who I met through his training at Solar Energy International (SEI) in 1997, and now collaborate with to teach solar in the Terat Village, we will bring solar power to medical clinics and schools. With funds raised in this campaign, we will first begin with a solar-powered radio station to connect community villages.

This is where we need you.

Our campaign video details the charitable work we are doing in Tanzania, and we aspire to do more through your generous contributions. Our Indiegogo campaign features many options in which to help us meet our crowdfunding goal, with special perks for taking part in this initiative, including:

• $25 … Listed as a sponsor on our website
• $75 … SEI winter beanie hat
• $150 … SEI winter beanie hat and a Nokero light
• $1000 … Any SEI online course
• $2000 … Any 1-week SEI face-to-face course

And a special secret perk for the first 50 early contributors!


Join our efforts now.

We thank you in advance for making this vision real. You can also help us by spreading the word and sharing our Indiegogo page with your friends, family, and co-workers.

Together, we can be very useful.

Warm regards,

Johnny Weiss
Solar Educator and Trainer



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