Greetings and welcome to December and the official kick-off to the holiday season! Our grassroots Maasai Village Solar Radio Project Indiegogo campaign is well underway, and we are happy to announce we’re at $3,140 in generous contributions from backers who support our rural development solar work in Tanzania. We would like to take the time to recognize and thank these backers for joining us in our renewable energy efforts:
  • Jessi Caching

  • Ed Marston

  • Vince Egan

  • Andra Kurlis

  • Duane Mattos

  • Jules Gallagher

  • Joan Matranga

  • Andra Kurlis

  • Shelby Sachs

  • Kevin Peterson

  • Neville Williams

  • Irene

  • Patricia Morgan

  • Orion

  • William & Patricia Hofto

  • Shelby Sachs

  • Nathaniel Bates

  • GoSun Stove

  • Melinda Zytaruk

  • John Schaeffer

  • David Berger

  • Brian Mehalic

  • Liz Merry

  • Soozie Lindbloom

  • Kristin Krueger

  • Michael Krival

  • Jessica Ching

  • Louis

Contribute today!
Contribute today!
Last week, I was happy to talk about our Indiegogo campaign and the Maasai Village with reporter Amy Hadden Marsh for the Valley Voices series KDNK Community Radio in Carbondale, Colorado. The interview was a great way to share our story and encourage backers to visit our Indiegogo campaign page, check out our perks and donate online. Audio from the interview can be heard at Many thanks to Amy and KDNK for supporting locally grown good causes during this holiday giving season!
Browse these scenic pics from my most recent international trip, including a few of me enjoying chewing some kat while visiting a 5,000-year-old archaeological site in northern Somaliland in October. What’s kat you might ask? It’s a mild, readily available stimulant popular to the region. Another amazing trip for the books! Can’t wait to travel abroad again sharing solar technology around the world.
Please follow our ongoing progress at the project’s Facebook page.
Happy holidays!

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