Greetings, Friends!

Johnny Weiss here. I hope you are all thriving. I’m reaching out to tell you about our Indiegogo campaign that begins this Monday, Nov. 13. This campaign will raise funds for our non-profit work solar powering a radio station in Maasailand, Tanzania.

I am working with solar colleague Lukas Kariongi, a Maasai community leader, solar teacher, and Solar Energy International (SEI) alum, to solarize his home. In Maasailand, we plan to solar power clinics and schools, specifically beginning with a radio station we are crowdfunding for as the year ends.

Our projects will be ongoing in 2018, so we ask that you keep us in mind for a tax-deductible charitable donation. We’re offering many great perks for early backers of our campaign, including SEI beanie hats, Nokero lights, and online and in-person renewable energy training and workshops.

Stay tuned Monday for a link to the campaign and a compete list of our perks.

To learn more about our solar energy work, watch this welcome video detailing our progress in Tanzania.

Follow all our solar videos on the Vimeo channel. And help us spread the word by sharing our Indiegogo page as it launches with your friends, family, and co-workers.

Warm regards,

Johnny Weiss
Solar Educator and Trainer



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